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" I just wanna fly away from you with my dreams "



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perasaanku bercelaru
Monday, November 14, 2011 • 8:40 PM • 0 comments

agak-agaknya kenapa perasaan Miharu hari ni agak bercelaru ? Miharu benci bila hadapi situasi ni . patutkah Miharu stay dalam B.P ? #bkn balai polis ==' Miharu mmg syg geng2 BP tapi kekadang Miharu rasa Miharu tak layak untuk berada dalam BP . I'm not a right person, I'm not so good like the others . I afraid to face all this . ! I need someone to understand me ? but why I cant understand the others? Why must the feeling comes again . I shouldn't like or admire him . Fobia tauu ? hoho .. benci benci benci .

p/s : To Himawari , if one day you read my entry, I am so sorry for what I had done towards you today .. I need to settle the works because this is the last week we school . I hope you understand my works . 

** to budak travel and AMJ , if you found my blog , I hope both of you could be my follower (boleh tambah follower saya :p)

[ along, nmpknya dah nak kena tukar nickname la huhu .. ]

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