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senam aerobik .. bye
Monday, January 23, 2012 • 5:23 PM • 0 comments

olla .. actually Miharu nak story pasal senam aerobik first . haritu masa kelas PJK cik Kamilah minta kami tok buat senam aerobik cara kami sendiri. so kebetulan Miharu satu kumpulan ngan Najhan so dia memang fanatik gila ngan Kpop ni , jadi senam aerobik kami pon bertemakan kpop . well besa la . kmi memang quite excited . kebetulan pula last day school before Chinese New Year break, we just got news . I dont know to say whether it a good news or bad news . for me its neutral . haha ._. okey . Miharu, Nadia, Shuhadha', Izzat got the same school -> SMS Kubang Pasu . but maybe Miharu will not went to that school. you want to know why ? really ? because of my health and also because of my family . but for me , stay @Toksheikh or go to SMS Kubang Pasu is just the same . but I have my own mission @Toksheikh . nak tau ? ala xpayah la . lets just be a secret . bak kata abng danial "biarlah .. " bak kata Ct plak "biarlah rahsia .. " :) even I had to say goodbye to my dearest friends like Nadia,Shuhadha' -> SMS Kubang Pasu , Aliana -> Sri Puteri , Arifah -> Tengku Kursiah , Iliana -> one of the school @Penang , Amni,Bedah,Ain -> SMSTSP , Yana -> one of the school @ Rawang. ouh I feel so sad right now. but for me . I want they go and reached the star . :)

Love you damn much .. there never be another to replace u all in my heart .   

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